Marc-André Gosselin

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Nothing brings me more pleasure than canoeing the lakes and rivers of Ontario and Quebec.  The smell of pine in the forest; the feel of sphagnum moss under foot; the excitement of spotting an American Bittern; these are the forces that draw me continually to the outdoors.  My appreciation of natural phenomena is rooted firmly in science.  To understand ecology, biology, and geography is 

to understand the landscape that surrounds us.  Cultural history is equally important when exercising natural interpretation.  What are the values of the First Nations peoples who use this land?  What were the attitudes of early European explorers?  How are modern day economic forces affecting the region?  Reflecting on these questions reveals meanings and relationships of our natural and cultural heritage. I wish to spend the rest of my life in this conversation and to share and learn with others through outdoor adventure.

Voyageur Quest is very fortunate to have MA with us for his fourth season. MA is smart, funny and intentional in his actions. A Guide Extraordinaire, a respected leader, one who persistently seeks to elevate his own performance and the standard of the experiences he leads and/or teaches. We were indeed lucky to have MA rejoin us this year as he truly missed the fresh lakes of this province and park – it comes as little surprise that he is our valued Outdoor Ed Manager (formerly training) and our Senior Guide.