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Meet our Voyageur Quest Team

Our Team

We salute a wonderful group of people, above all professionals, excited to share their passion for the outdoors and their excellence in offering exceptional wilderness guiding and off-the-grid to our customers each and every day.


Malcolm Harris

5th season

I was born in Peterborough County on a farm and now live on the north side of Algonquin Park. I was lucky enough to spend my summers growing up on Big Island on Cache Lake in the middle of Algonquin Park until I was 16 where our family has had a cottage for over 100 years off the grid. I have many fond memories of camping and Lake Trout and Bass fishing

with my father and two older brothers which we still share and enjoy together today.I attribute my love, understanding and respect for the Natural Environment to my father – a now retired Science teacher who worked for the Dept of Lands and Forest. I also worked as an Ontario Park Ranger clearing/making portages & campsites in Algonquin Park East on the Bonnechere, Barron and Madawaska Rivers based out of Foy Provincial Park, and then as a Gate Attendant and Maintenance at the Selwyn Conservation Area. At 18 I was a Raft Guide for River Run Rafting on the Ottawa River where I enjoyed working with my oldest brother Billy Harris who loves Freestyle Kayaking like no other.I have worked in construction and carpentry, I have earned an Environmental Technician – Protection and Compliance Diploma, I have worked as a small engine and automotive mechanic, and manager in the heavy truck industry all before I decided that a permanent desk job was not for me. I longed to be outdoors again. I was lucky enough to meet John and his family on the West side of Algonquin Park which are the headwaters of the Amable du Fond River.John helped me realize there are great jobs out there that you can enjoy while living in the wilderness off the grid in a relaxing environment. They have kept me very busy over the past 4 years letting me be apart of the Outfitting rentals, retail, and canoe repairs, as well as assisting with the Island Couples Retreat, Algonquin Park must do’s and must see’s, history and wildlife and fisheries knowledge. I thoroughly enjoy being apart of this team and helping other adventurers before and after a trip, and hope to help for many years to come. Of course, if you have any questions about canoes or fishing I will be happy to help. I’m a firm believer in catch and release and no live bait. Hopefully one day I will be able to say I have seen all of Algonquin Park, but being so large I don’t expect that day to come until I’m a very old man!

Voyageur Quest is thrilled to have Malcolm on our team for his fifth season and we look forward to many more. He is VQ’s Customer Service Guru, Canoe Whisperer and Secret Service Fishing Guide. He is an exceptional teacher  –  always willing to share his knowledge, know-how and passion for Algonquin Park, the canoe – his craft and fishing (though few have managed to ascertain the specific locations for his spectacular catches!) He is, above all, fiercely loyal to exceptional customer service – always providing a wonderful example to us all – professional, polite and patient.

Nikoline Calcaterra

7th season

Nikoline Calcaterra is a wellness chef, specializing in the healing and energetic powers of whole food.  She has trained in the macrobiotic tradition at the Kushi Institute; with the “Mammas” in Tuscany; and held the intuitive farm-to-table kitchen at Newbold House Retreat Centre in northern Scotland.  When she’s not cooking for you at Voyageur Quest in Canada’s famous Algonquin Park, this global wanderer, cooking instructor and cookbook author spends her time traveling the world, circling with friends, new and old, and fueling and sharing her passion for the earth’s sacred gift of whole food.


Voyageur Quest is thrilled to have Nikoline back for her seventh season as a consulting manager.  She has an abiding passion for fresh ingredients and the creative process that she masters in an off-the grid setting. We value our continued journey with her as she continues to elevate the experience of sharing of regional whole food on our Algonquin Adventures that our customers truly delight in. She has an impeccable sense of balance for the relationship between food and people. She is a natural leader that is quite simply wonderful to be around. 

Seppe Maes

4th season

Seppe came to us with an offer to help where needed. We right away recognized his strong work ethic and quality of work. Having trained and worked as an Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver and a kennel manager at Chocpaw there is not much that Seppe is not willing to tackle, learn about and master. His love for the wilderness environment and awareness of sense of place (a man that would prefer to drive north than south any day) has allowed for a unique opportunity to have Seppe and his family live on site. His dependability and willingness to go the extra mile has touched his numerous roles: player-coach, on-site management, guiding, operations and property management. Hailing from Belgium this year’s many Dutch speaking guests were thrilled to have Seppe host their Canadian experience. He is a huge asset with operations and set up for large special event groups. He has enhanced our properties with original and creative designs that we are most grateful for. We were most honored that he and Anne-Marie chose this place to exchange winter wedding vows. Seppe and Anne-Marie live in the area in a house that he built.

Marc- Andre Gosselin

7th season

I love being outside on a wilderness adventure. I also love to share my passion for adventure with others. Voyageur Quest has been the perfect vehicle for combining these passions. Algonquin’s north west provides the bounty with world class canoeing,trout fishing, dogsledding and my favourite back country skiing. Hope to see you on the trail!

Heather Gough

5th season

Kris Shaw

10th season

Ben Langford

6th season

Ben is our anchor at the Outfitter and helps quarterback the Voyageur Quest operation. With an easy smile and a kind heart, Ben is first class at customer service whether helping cottagers,   guiding backcountry canoes trips or setting special events. Ben is passionate about whitewater paddling, fishing and the great outdoors. Ben is a hard worker and plays a big part in team VQ.

Sage Strength

4th season

Emily Patterson

4th season

pulvinar dapibus leo.

Joshua Penney

1st season

Robert Minnes

1st season

Outdoor Education Staff


Laramie Bradovka

2nd season

Baris Hekimgil

1st season

Tom Gyorko

1st season

John Langford

29th season

I love being outside on a wilderness adventure. I also love to share my passion for adventure with others. Voyageur Quest has been the perfect vehicle for combining these passions. Algonquin’s north west provides the bounty with world class canoeing,trout fishing, dogsledding and my favourite back country skiing. Hope to see you on the trail!

Claire Christie

3rd season

Eva Langford

29th season

Eva Langford joined the Voyageur Quest team officially in 2007, but has really been a big part of Voyageur Quest from the start! Eva has a Biology and Psychology degree from Queen’s University and over 15 years of sales and event planning from the pharmaceutical industry. Eva also holds a Human Services Diploma, a Masters Degree in Education – Psychological Counselling from the University of Toronto and coaching certifications from the Adler Institute. She has interests in coaching for both executive and personal development, team and wilderness therapeutic applications. Eva’s facilitation often centres on team effectiveness, culture and leadership. Eva was a facilitator on our first group in 1991, has guided numerous canoe and kayak trips in the mid nineties and presently directs our Human Resources. 

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