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Meet our Voyageur Quest Team

Malcolm Harris

I was born in Peterborough County on a farm and now live on the north side of Algonquin Park. I was lucky enough to spend my summers growing up on Big Island on Cache Lake in the middle of Algonquin Park until I was 16 where our family has had a cottage for over 100 years off the grid. I have many fond memories of camping and Lake Trout and Bass fishing


Nikoline Calcaterra

Nikoline Calcaterra is a wellness chef, specializing in the healing and energetic powers of whole food.  She has trained in the macrobiotic tradition at the Kushi Institute; with the “Mammas” in Tuscany; and held the intuitive farm-to-table kitchen at Newbold House Retreat Centre in northern Scotland.  When she’s not cooking for you at Voyageur Quest in Canada’s famous Algonquin Park, this global wanderer, cooking (more…)

Marc-André Gosselin

Nothing brings me more pleasure than canoeing the lakes and rivers of Ontario and Quebec.  The smell of pine in the forest; the feel of sphagnum moss under foot; the excitement of spotting an American Bittern; these are the forces that draw me continually to the outdoors.  My appreciation of natural phenomena is rooted firmly in science.  To understand ecology, biology, and geography is 


Seppe Maes

Seppe came to us with an offer to help where needed. We right away recognized his strong work ethic and quality of work. Having trained  and worked as an Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver and a kennel manager at Chocpaw there is not much that Seppe is not willing to tackle, learn about and master. His love for the wilderness environment  and awareness of sense of place  (a man that would prefer to drive north than south any day) has allowed for a unique opportunity to have Seppe and his family live on site. His dependability and willingness to go the extra mile has touched his numerous roles: player-coach, on-site management, guiding, operations and property management. Hailing from Belgium this year’s many Dutch speaking guests were thrilled to have Seppe host their Canadian experience. He is a huge asset with operations and set up for large special event groups. He has enhanced our properties  with original and creative designs that we are most grateful for. We were most honoured that he and Anne-Marie chose this place to exchange winter wedding vows  – with baby Finn as surely one of the cutest witnesses!


Martin Lachance

Back for his second season, Martin is an exceptional outdoor guide and true professional…

Mark Clarabut

I’ve often considered myself to be someone who likes to experience new adventures, places and circumstances. This is now my 3rd summer working for Voyageur Quest, and despite having worked extensively here, each trip seems to be different from the last, which is the cause for my annual return, other than the amazing company I find myself in. The new people I meet on every trip is the major reason each trip feels unique.  Additionally I’ve spent two full summer seasons travelling the lakes near Voyageur Quest, and I could continue to do it season after season, a


Peter Lombardi
Heather Gough
Mak Soden
Cedrix Pariseau
Hannah Armitage

Hannah has a Bachelor’s degree in Canadian history from St. Francis Xavier University. She grew up in the Ottawa valley on the Ottawa river. She has worked and lived in Patagonia. She enjoys skiing, snowboarding, and all water sports. (more…)

Jack Rowell
Murray Lee

Whether he is helping support Log Cabin adventures, working in the Outfitter store, or repairing a canoe Murray is always sporting a smile. In any team, those that exude positivity are always important and Murray’s disposition is a gift to us all. He will be returning to his final term this fall at the Haliburton School of Art and Design to complete his Visual and Creative Arts Diploma. We will miss his talents on the guitar around the campfire, his solid work and his friendly nature but suspect he just may be dropping by to say hi…!! 

Ruthy Schvalbe

Ruthy has been a fantastic addition to our team. In one of those  omni-roles that was somewhat experimental and one that is historically based in town she has lived on site and added energy and positivity to everything she does. She is very open minded and able to adapt on the fly especially in the kitchen! Her sense of humour is infectious and she is fantastic with customers. Our Broken Paddle Patio still very much in its infancy has had a wonderful season due to Ruthy’s presence. She creates fantastic meals for our customers and has her signature lunch has been a real hit with our canoe trippers and cottagers – pulled-pork sandwiches with quinoa salad and a delightful baked surprise in a waffle cup topped with ice cream! 

Donna McKay
Anne-Marie Phillips

A seasoned wilderness guide and exceptional dogsledding guide, Anne-Marie’s newest role as Finn’s mom has kept her extremely busy. Amazingly, she still is always very keen to help wherever she can. To multi-task as a new mom, at times with baby in hand,  is not an easy feet yet she has really mastered it. Her hard and always excellent quality work – in so many areas – has been very much appreciated. She has a wonderful calm and kindness to her that we all enjoy being around. 

Ben Langford
Alex Haalboom
Adventure Tour Coordinator and Office Manager
Eva Langford

Eva Langford joined the Voyageur Quest team officially in 2007, but has really been a big part of Voyageur Quest from the start! Eva has a Biology and Psychology degree from Queen’s University and over 15 years of sales and event planning from the pharmaceutical industry. Eva also holds a Human Services Diploma, a Masters Degree in Education – Psychological Counselling from the University of Toronto and coaching certifications from the Adler Institute. She has interests in coaching for both executive and personal development, team and wilderness therapeutic applications. Eva’s facilitation often centres on team effectiveness, culture and leadership. Eva was a facilitator on our first group in 1991, has guided numerous canoe and kayak trips in the mid nineties and presently directs our Human Resources.

John Langford
Director & Owner

I love being outside on a wilderness adventure.   I also love to share my passion for adventure  with others. Voyageur Quest has been the perfect vehicle for  combining these passions. Algonquin’s north west  provides the bounty with   world class canoeing,  trout fishing, dogsledding and my favourite back country skiing.  Hope to see you on the trail!


Working full or part time with Voyageur Quest is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, learn new skills and have some fun. Voyageur Quest operates two small lodges and a canoe trip outpost at the northwest corner of Algonquin Park.

We are always interested in hearing from you and have work possibilities in:

SUPPORT TEAM POSITIONS Often out of sight, our support teams do all the little things before, during and after your adventure to make sure your experience is seamless. As drivers, shoppers, cook, and cleaning staff – they are the backbone of any trip. A New York City Fireman, Dan Girard was recently at our Log Cabin and described our team in these words, “Having been a New York City fireman for the last 20 years, your staff put on an amazing demonstration of what effective teamwork is.”

Algonquin Park guiding is what defines Voyageur Quest. At the Algonquin Log Cabin, adventure naturalists lead unique excursions to the forests, lakes and rivers around Surprise Lake. Our canoe and sea kayak guides lead trip into the interior of Algonquin park and out into the 30, 000 islands of Georgian Bay. Voyageur Quest guides are skilled outdoorsmen and women who are there to ensure your canoe trip is an adventure of a lifetime. On top of being well versed in the natural and cultural history of Algonquin and northern Ontario, our guides are selected for their love of the people and the land. All Voyageur Quest guides are qualified professionals and trained in wilderness first aid. Our guides and naturalists are warm and friendly and make your experience memorable.

Voyageur Quest is presently hiring for Fall Special Events Education and Canoe guides. Please telephone our office at 416-486-3605 or submit a resume to

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