Seppe Maes

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Seppe came to us with an offer to help where needed. We right away recognized his strong work ethic and quality of work. Having trained  and worked as an Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diver and a kennel manager at Chocpaw there is not much that Seppe is not willing to tackle, learn about and master. His love for the wilderness environment  and awareness of sense of place  (a man that would prefer to drive north than south any day) has allowed for a unique opportunity to have Seppe and his family live on site. His dependability and willingness to go the extra mile has touched his numerous roles: player-coach, on-site management, guiding, operations and property management. Hailing from Belgium this year’s many Dutch speaking guests were thrilled to have Seppe host their Canadian experience. He is a huge asset with operations and set up for large special event groups. He has enhanced our properties  with original and creative designs that we are most grateful for. We were most honoured that he and Anne-Marie chose this place to exchange winter wedding vows  – with baby Finn as surely one of the cutest witnesses!