Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Self Guided Exploratory Snowshoe Mission Braves Lake Ice!

This group of intrepid friends from Ottawa is here to enjoy the Algonquin Log Cabin experience for New Years Eve. They are super happy to ‘do their own thing’ and having free run of the kitchen and barbeque, they are certainly going for gourmet, with all kinds of specialty sausages and homemade dishes, with Turkish coffee, etc. A great way to ring the New Year! The next day they braved the lake-ice and crossed to the Island Trail for a self-guided snowshoe outing. Unfortunately, they said, no wolf sightings! They look forward to returning, maybe in the summer to explore more of the great trails.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christmas Holidays at the Log Cabin

Our # 1 question at this time of year is "will there be snow for our Christmas trip". I'm happy to say that our Log Cabin has a perfect record in terms of white Christmas! Have a look at some of the shots from last year ..

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Algonquin Winter holiday pictures

The skies have been clear and cool over Algonquin the last few days making for some fantastic hiking and snowshoeing. Hope you are enjoying the holidays !

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Silence in the woods

Early December is a wonderful time to be in Alonquin. Free from the busy shopping malls, traffic and seasonal commercial hype, the silence and peace of the forest and lakes do wonders for the soul. This past week at the Log Cabin, surrounded by all things natural - was truly a Christmas gift.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Snowshoes, Skis Ready To Go

With over 3 feet of fresh snow, our snowshoes and backountry skiis are ready for action ! I tried out some of our new lighweight aluminum snowshoes on the Ridge trail this afternoon. They were fantastic in providing remarkable traction on the steep hills. Both the Algonquin Log Cabin and Algonquin Cottage Outpost have fantastic winter trails through forests and across frozen lakes and streams. For the intrepid, the backcountry offers endless exploration. Last February, I skied with a few friends up to a beaver meadow near Genesee Lake. Near an open section of water, we counted the tracks of beaver, wolves, mouse, rabbit, otter, deer and moose . We followed the wolf tracks which seemed to intensify as we crossed the frozen pond. Clumps of hair and bloody snow appeared in spots. We were now following what was clearly a wolf attack on a deer. 50 feet into the alders, we found the a half - eaten deer carcass. It appeared the wolves had taken a break from their feed and were likely still very close and perhaps eyeing us from a distance. It was jarring to see the carnage and rawness of Darwin's law on display.

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