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As a guide working in Algonquin Park, I used to dislike spring. The blackflies and mosquitos put such a damper on things. Nothing like trying to enjoy a canoe trip with a bug hat on- can't see a thing! I remember driving our toddler aged kids to their Toronto school after a May weekend at our Algonquin cottage and the teachers looking at me in a strange way and asking what the carnage on their faces was from were from. I explained we were in Algonquin and the blackflies had been out. They looked at me in horror and shook their heads. Like I was crazy or something.

Having an office and home in Toronto and a business in Algonquin added to my perspective. You see, Toronto is fantastic in late May. The city is green, lilacs are blooming, everybody is out riding bikes, playing golf, tennis, rollerblading and packing the patios. Meanwhile Algonquin Park is filled with bugs and any outside activity requires bug hats, bug dope, etc. etc. The place is deserted - deservedly.

But about 10 years ago, my feelings changed. One key reason was my sudden awareness of just how abundant the wildlife viewing is at this time year after year.

Our company operates canoe trip guide training for the first 10 days of every June with the highlight being a 5 day canoe trip into Algonquin's interior. We always see and hear wildlife on our canoe trips but about 10 years ago, we started to count the amount of moose we would see. This after seeing 19 moose in one morning paddle. We could not agree or believe the number but sure enough the following year, we counted 15 or so one morning. And it is not just the moose. The spring peepers can be deafening but not enough to drown out the barred owls who call out to each other all night long.

This wildlife viewing became more remarkable to me - especially when we started to count how much wildlife we were seeing in other months. June really is the month of plenty where we see 10 times the amount of wildlife as August!

Wildlife viewing while on an Algonquin Park Canoe Trip is just one of the joys of spring Another big one for me is trout fishing. As soon as the ice goes out, Algonquin's lake trout fishing is outstanding. More on this at a later time. For more joys of spring, Have a look below at my top 5 Spring Adventures in Algonquin Park. Granted this is a highly personal and subjective list- I hope it gives you some ideas and reason to come to Algonquin or another wilderness areas this spring.
  1. First floating sauna of the season and dip in icy water
  2. Go on a trout fishing canoe trip Algonquin's lakes are protected from ice fishing and is one of the world's best trout fisheries.
  3. May 24 long weekend - rent a cottage in Algonquin big enough to host a bunch of your friends and kick off summer right!. We just happen to have 2 of them !
  4. Moose Photo Safari Moose Photo Safari. One that amazing wildlife shot- this is your time !
  5. A sunrise paddle followed by a good cup of coffee. Canoeing in Algonquin at sunrise is magical this time of year. Well worth being up and on the water by 5:30am.

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